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If you are interested in joining this private tactical unit email us:

If you are already a member of this community of operators - the list below are the mods you need to join our server. This list is updated as the server configuration changes.

Operations happen almost nightly at ~7:30pm CST but are not mandatory. Think you got what it takes? Interested in hand built custom missions and breaking the cycle of same ole' same old' annex and invade? Check out what you need below and send us an email or join us on Mumble!

Our server features ALiVE AI, Halo Jump, Revive, Ear Plugs, Requestable Close Air Support/Helicopter Pickup & Insertion/Artillery, and AI Recruitment. This means it can be played with as little as one person - or currently setup for dual squad 10 man operation(Rangers/SEALs). Map currently supports 16 players.

Required Addons

* = Added since last update 11/29/2015
Mod Version Size Link
ALiVE 105Mb Download
Community Base Addons 1Mb Download
RHS: United States Armed Forces 1.95Gb (2000Mb) Download
RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation 1.85Gb(1900Mb) Download
USSOCOM 75th Ranger, Navy SEALs DEVGRU and Delta Force
1.6 361Mb Download
NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons
1.10 918Mb Download
5 Mods 5.16Gb(5,285Mb)

Current Arma 3 version supported is 1.54.133570

Optional Addons

Mod Version Size Link
Ares 1.8.1 1Mb Download
ASDG Joint Rails 0.16 1Mb Download
LAxemann's DynaSound - Sonic Cracks Standalone 1.0 1Mb Download
FHQ Accessories pack 1.7.1 49Mb Download

Map: GS Altis .28


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